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Ms. Charlotte ABEDI

Ms. Charlotte Abedi the President & CEO of Umoja Family Connection 


The Umoja Family Connection Board in the U.S.A. and DR-Congo are all volunteers and do this work solely to benefit those they serve. Umoja Family Connection has two part-time employees in the Franklin, TN office. They all envision a world without poverty in which all persons have the freedom and opportunities to pursue happiness and maximize their potential.

The Umoja Family Connection (UMOFAC) is a not-for-profit corporation founded  in 2007 by Human Rights Advocate and Philanthropist Charlotte Chausiku Abedi. She began donating his spare time in 2007 to help, to take care of refugees who arrive for the first time by helping them in their first steps by providing for them different services including: find housing or shelter, School, Job... 

Take them to different appointments,  immigration, hospital and so forth in order for them to easily reintegrate into American society. 

Second, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Umoja tries to assist the children of the victims of multiple wars that happened in Congo since 2003 until now and where more than eight million people have been killed. Umoja is already on the ground by assisting the orphans whose parents have died from HIV and other infectious diseases and widows in DRC's South Kivu victims of war.

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